For a long time I’ve been wanting to have a place online that I can keep a copy of my sketchbooks.

This is it.

Expect fragmentary, nonsensical, interlinked posts. They’re really just here to jog my memory or to spark some new direction in the future.

Bleephaus at Wychwood Festival 2018

Cracking the Code

In which I decide to seize control of the means of production…

New Dawn Fades

A thing I wrote the first half of at the beginning of 2017 and then promptly neither finished or posted, explaining that I was all full of renewed purpose and would be updating things more often… plus ça change… at the time of writing this intro it’s 13 April, 2018. Some good stuff happened, some bad stuff happened.

Let’s have another go.

British Dystopia

Mikhail Bakhtin on ‘Carnival’

Rust and Bone / De rouille et d'os

Marion Cotillard in Rust And Bone

Holy Motors Q&A and Quotes.

Leos Carax Holy Motors Q&A

Notebook on Cities and Clothes

Introductory monologue from Wim Wenders’ Notebook on Cities and Clothes


Mirrors – Nabokov