Hello. Here be dragons…

I’m just in the middle of updating the design of the site so while you can read this everything is going to be a bit broken. Sorry. Shouldn’t take too long though, and all the old content will be in exactly the same places when I’m back up and running.

Update: All the content is back up and looking shiny. Almost everything appears to be working after a fashion. I’ve been documenting the redesign and development process on Github, which has been invaluable. There are still a bunch of outstanding bits to complete but the basics are now established.

Part of the To Do list:

Horizontal scrolling pages. Part of the reason I set up the site in the first place was so that I had a place I could play with different presentation ideas, to see what might work (or not). And everything going up and down is a bit boring.

Other (and new) stuff. TBD, but exciting now the heavy work is done.