Cracking the Code

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I’ve always been comfortable with computers but very much at the user end of the spectrum. I know how to use the tools that other people have built to make the things that I want, there are great tools out there and most of the ones I use on a daily basis are free and open source.

So far so good, I can make my ideas into things that are useful but I can only make things that the tools are capable of making and increasingly that’s not what I need. I need to make my own tools, and that means I need to be able to write code.

My main collaborative creative outlet, temp0rary, uses a lot of data (mainly MIDI) but, aside from triggering video clips with it, my half of the project doesn’t make as much use of this data as it potentially could, and that’s something I need to change, it’ll also be immensely useful as I start working on my own solo AV project(s).

Integrating more use of data in real time will lead to more immersive performances and provide more opportunities for development in as yet unknown directions and that’s really exciting to me. But between here and there is a lot of learning, and so far that’s a lot of time being bored or frustrated with occasional flashes of wonder.

My new best friend, the console.

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