Morgue File

Little Space by Agnese Pagliano Jim Jarmusch’s 5th Golden Rule (or non-rule) of Moviemaking Variation of letter 'a' Einstein’s Bookplate Advance Nonwoven - Identity Scars by Aneta Ivanova Adamas Regular by Octavian Belintan 1679 by Doffdog PATEN.OTF by More to Come ASTROC by Hellofreaks Pod People Sreda Slab-Serif by Glen Jan Tai Chi Bot by Mathias Verhasselt Poster by Sarp Sozdinler Blackwood S by Octavio Pardo  Daft Life by Joey Camacho Sammelsurium – Typeface by Mattias Sahlén 'Subway Girl' by Baldovino Barani 'Suburban Space' by Max Rael Transportation of superblocks, 1985 Ben McLees, 'Heading North' Saturn by Jemima Knight Architectural blackprint plan, Leonid and Aleksandr Vesnin Model 777 Landing Gear