Version control…

When is a piece finished? That might seem like an odd question but it can be surprisingly difficult to tell sometimes, especially with some of the things I do.

For instance, with a temp0rary performance everything is improvised, no two are the same, even if the setlists say otherwise. However, nothing gets used up during the show (apart from electricity). We have exactly what we started with when it’s over.

So, it’s definitely work, it definitely happened, it’s definitely unique but it’s also completely ephemeral. Such is the way of live events. For the next one we might add or remove some elements, the setlist might change, the staging probably will, but for me at least the ‘being temp0rary’ is the ongoing work and the event seems like just a snapshot of an ongoing, and often wider, project.

It’s an easier question when there are tangible objects involved, but following the same logic: these materials and these ideas at this time became this piece of work. The only difference between a traditional artwork and a performance is there’s a ‘stuff’ at the end (even if it’s digital in nature). I’ve stopped believing in the ‘end’ bit and see the ‘stuff’, beautiful and considered as it may be, as a byproduct of the actual work.

So, after all that preamble, here is a list of some things that happened and some objects that exist, but think of it more as a commit log from an endless project of indeterminate form.

I hope you like them.

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