A showreel from temp0rary’s installation KINETIC, shown at the Wilson Art Gallery, Cheltenham from 20-25 July 2018. I’ll do a write up of my part of the project soon and post a link here as soon as it’s ready.

Notes on the project by Lee

Notes on the project by Lee

KINETIC is an audio-visual installation created by temp0rary – AV artists Lee Chaos and Adrian Giddings

KINETIC is a response to a visit to the Diamond Light Source – the UK’s national synchrotron science facility located at the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus in Oxfordshire. Diamond speeds up electrons to near light speeds, producing a light 10 billion times brighter than the sun. These bright beams are then directed off into laboratories known as ‘beamlines’; here scientists use the light to study everything from viruses and vaccines to fossils and jet engines.

temp0rary were granted unrestricted access to the site and were able to capture the sounds of the electrical fields whilst the particle accelerator was in operation, and use this as the basis for their site-specific installation, KINETIC.

KINETIC features four audiovisual pieces that represent the movement of particles in the accelerator using sound and light in the gallery space, where the sound that is heard in the gallery is composed from the electromagnetic recordings of the particle accelerator recorded at Diamond. Each movement, of about three minutes, is accompanied by projected visual elements and lighting to give the sense of movement within the space. Additionally, the installation is accompanied by a piece of music written specifically for the space which the visitors can listen to on wireless headphones, experiencing both the music and found sounds in harmony for an individual multi sensory experience.

In this showreel, both the music (first movement) and electromagnetic recordings are heard together. The video blends the 3D model that was projected with footage of the gallery exhibit.