At Her Lady’s Pleasure

We created a microsite for the performance before the event and a companion site afterwards that contains a full write up of the evening with excellent documentary photographs and the video above by Timothy James Pratt – and a rather important text we gave to the guests at the end of the evening.

There’s also a behind the curtain look at some of the tech involved in the show and information about the artists involved.


A performance by Kate Spence and temp0rary

Performed at The Wig, Birmingham on August 23rd 2013

Kate Spence, Lee Chaos and Adrian Giddings
Sara Dobson, Marcus Lanyon, Charlie McNeill, Vicky Roden and Aleks Wojtulewicz
With thanks to:
Siobhan Abbey, Charlie McNeill, Susan Holder, Daniel Salisbury and Sonya Russell Saunders
Ana Benlloch, Andrew Fentham, Ian Messenger, Birmingham Repertory Theatre and The London Centre for Book Arts.