Morgue File

So why a ‘morgue file’ and not, say, a tumblr (or Pinterest) account ? Well, firstly, because it sounds really cool, and secondly I have a tumblr too. It’s great for randomly finding things I wouldn’t otherwise see and I’m following a lot of people there who both make and collate some really interesting things. However, as someone who cares about credit and does picture research as part of my day job I often find the ‘Reblogged from > reblogged from > … > deleted account’ chain to be frustrating and, on that last, I really, really hate link rot – there’s not a lot you can do about it but it can get pretty frustrating, and happen for all sorts of reasons. A fair few of the early posts in this file were from weekly emails from the [xyz] family of sites, which were bought by Adobe and rolled into Behance, except without any link preservation measures. Most of the projects are still there and searchable by the numbers in the original URL but making sure there aren’t any broken links here is work I’d rather not have to do, and only gets more onerous the more the web grows.

So here’s my morgue file, referenced with the original creator, links, notes and all that goodness. To save server space (and because this is how the web is supposed to work) the images will be directly linked to the originals. I tend to make an offline copy of them in case they go away for whatever reason, and then I can replace anything here that’s become irrevocably lost. If that’s something you made, gentle reader, and you actually wanted it to be lost please and I’ll delete the image immediately.

I also have lists of favourites on Flickr, Vimeo and YouTube.

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